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Inspired by the lush tropical environment, the Balinese architecture of the two-storied luxury villa allows the sunlight to stream through, lending it an atmosphere of airiness. R° Ambalangoda is a medley of comfort and solitude heightened by the wooden interiors and the surrounding Indian Ocean that invites you to fall back in a sense of absolute ease.

Our friendly team takes immense pleasure in making your stay with us enjoyable a hospitality that is essentially Sri Lankan. We will attend to all your needs, while you slip away into unrestrained relaxation.

A tranquil escape that opens your world to the warmth of the island and connects you with your loved ones; R° brings you closer to everything that you love.


Situated in Ambalangoda, a coastal town in the southern district of Galle, R° is nestled in quiet isolation on an ancestral property that has lived through several generations. Surrounded by palm groves leaning over the coast, it faces the gushing waves of the Indian Ocean as it crashes on the shore lining the private beach.

R° is located at an hour and a half drive along the Southern Expressway from Colombo, towards the interior town of Ambalangoda.